ORGANIC Keyword Targeted Search Engine Traffic with Low Bounce Rate Sessions


ORGANIC Keyword Targeted Search Engine Traffic with Low Bounce Rate Sessions
►Extremely Powerful Organic Keyword Targeted Traffic from Real Google Searches
Geo-Targeted Traffic with a Low Bounce Rate and Long Session Duration
Real and human visitors to boost your rankings
0% proxy and VPN visitors (We've got strong filters)

Your Benefits:
Unique Searches with your chosen keyword(s)
Powerful organic, geo-targeted search engine traffic - not generated by bots, software, spam or proxies
Potentially boost your SERPs as well as website rankings
You will receive 100-150 daily visitors for 30 days, fully trackable in most counters and Analytics
Important: The traffic will not show up as cheap referral traffic, but from real organic searches with your chosen keyword(s)
Country Targeted traffic
for best results, you may choose the visitors countries yourself (choose the languages as well with our service extra)
  • We can provide traffic from almost any country/language worldwide (with very few exceptions)
  • You may choose from: Single countries Europe Europe and America North America South America Asia Africa english-speaking visitors spanish-speaking visitors german-speaking visitors
You may provide 1-5 keywords
10 service extras to choose from for maximum results and customization of your campaign
Low Bounce Rate (0-30%), Long visit time and Long Session Duration (1-3 minutes)
SEO complementary service
Pre-filtered visitors: Real and human only, minimum connection speed, minimum screen resolution, no proxy/VPN

Please note:
To maintain a high quality in our network, we don't accept sites containing pornography, exit-popups, framebreakers (unless service extra is added), any illegal content, adult websites/content, social media pages (with exceptions, contact us), illegal download/streaming pages, scam, fraud, copyright infringements, gambling, Java Applets, forced installs, any cheating, fishy stuff and sites redirecting to such content.
We reserve the right to refuse websites that we classify as inappropriate for our network. We naturally can't guarantee for an increase in sales, clicks, leads or any interaction of the visitors with your website.

Success Stories:
#1 Campaign started in Oct '17 - 1 medium competition keyword

#2 Campaign started in Nov '17 - 4 low competition keywords

Please note these are just work examples, we can't guarantee that your rankings will improve for your chosen keywords in the same way.

Why choose our service?
  • Increase your traffic - Website visitors are the most important factor in online marketing
  • Great audience - Your website will be shown to thousands of interested users
  • Highly mixed natural visitors - We have high capacities from top tier countries, visitors with a high variety in Operating Systems, visit duration, Browsers etc.
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Unique and exclusive service, only available Seoclerks

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