Beauty treatment is a popular career choice, and appropriately so. At a time when numerous markets are diminishing in Australia, the appeal industry is thriving thanks to an increase in male grooming, increased disposable income, a growing population and a larger variety of services. For an industry that was as soon as perceived as the domain of the wealthy, it has ended up being a standard customer service for numerous males and females.

In short, this development makes it an excellent industry to be part of. But why freelance makeup artistry?

The advantages of freelancing

Freelancing has actually prevailed in the hair and appeal industry for quite some time. In reality, a big portion of Australian makeup artists are self-employed. Makeup artists are even establishing their own product lines, making the most of the health and beauty sector’s growing needs.

But the factors for going freelance vary extensively. For some, it’s about delighting in the versatility of working for themselves– freelancers can select their own hours, talk straight to their customers and create a schedule that works for everybody. A freelance artist can decide which jobs to accept and which tasks are most matched to their private style, interests, and ability.

Others go freelance since of the restricted number of full-time positions that are readily available. A film, theatre, tv, the wedding event industry– they almost always utilize freelancers. This can make working any other way a challenge.

So let’s take a look at how you become a freelance makeup artist …

Skills needed

If you’re going to construct a freelance company, you have three things by the bucket-load.
Enthusiasm and drive

Enthusiasm provides you with a special view of the world that others do not get to see. It makes you special, a forward thinker, and it will hold you in excellent stead when times are tough. It creates feelings of enjoyment and interest, which causes driving, and it will assist you to believe on your feet when confronted with surprises.

Communication skills

Excellent communication skills will allow you to work successfully with manufacturers, stars, brides, models, employers, photographers and anyone else that is associated with attaining an objective. It will likewise assist you to understand someone’s story so that you can guarantee they ignore your chair with self-confidence– chit-chat is a huge part of what you’ll do.

Confidence in your ability

Your job might be to make your customers confident, however, that all starts with having confidence in yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of things can happen in the freelance world to knock you down– a rejection, criticism from a client, trollish discuss your blog site or Instagram feed, sluggish periods and of course the natural “I run my own company” worry. It’s really crucial though that you believe in your ability and the belief that you’ll be successful. Confidence will be your ticket forward.

Building your freelance company

With the 3 skills listed above, together with the abilities, you acquired from your ICI Beauty Therapy & Makeup Diploma you can start to build your freelance organization. Understand that this will take time and consist of a variety of different actions.


A great place to start is to do some research study on what it is to be a freelancer and the independent contracting laws that use. Other excellent reads are a necessary guide for running your own organization and startup basics.

Next, you’ll require to establish an Australian Business Number (ABN) which you can do by means of the Australian Business Register (ABR). You’ll also need to have a Tax File Number (TFN) if you haven’t got one currently.


As the old saying goes, ‘a photo informs a thousand words’. No matter how perfectly you explain your service to others, seeing the outcomes will constantly work better.

This will help you get the lighting right when taking photos of your customers and will teach you to adjust the exposure to develop lovely images. If you do not have good photography skills, think about employing a professional photographer for the day and collecting your buddies for one long makeup session and photo shoot.

Be client when developing your portfolio. It requires time and also a couple of freebies. If photographing clients, or utilizing a bride-to-be’s professional photos, ensure you ask permission to use them in your portfolio.


Take an appearance at your makeup artist peers. Consider their ability sets and experience when comparing, as a makeup artist who has actually been in the organization for 15 years and has actually worked at Marie Claire can realistically charge more than somebody who’s simply beginning out.


With a series of terrific photographs, it’s time to build a website. This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy and a totally free site design template will do. Start with clear navigation, utilize conversational English in your material, avoid market jargon and provide all relevant information. It’s up to you whether or not you advertise your rates. Some freelancers choose to price each task separately.

Let pictures tell your story, include a trust-building blog site and keep your site up-to-date. Most notably, make it simple for your potential customers to contact you.

Connect your website to your social media accounts too, providing a seamless experience for your visitors. Get busy on social media and begin broadening your network. You can do this by liking and engaging with other regional businesses, providing updates, publishing images and engaging with individuals on your accounts.


One of the most significant investments for your business will be your tools. Without them, you actually don’t have a service.


As a freelance makeup artist, you can work nearly anywhere. You can use up a chair in a co-working area or beauty parlor, work from your home, go mobile and travel to your customers, or attempt your hand at working for TELEVISION, film, theatre or magazines. Determine what suits you best and then determine how to make it occur.


A big and well-connected network is very important to any freelance employee. Be it chatting to individuals at occasions or getting in touch with individuals online, all of it counts. If you can connect any conversation, service, networking event or live event with makeup artistry, ensure you end up being a part of it.

Goal setting

Writing a manifesto, project strategy or a big-picture objective is an excellent way to keep you on the right track. This could be in the form of a list of words that describe who you are as a company and what you need to use, or it could be a timeline of whatever you hope to attain that year. Whichever form it takes, writing things down can assist you to form your day-to-day choices and direction of your work.


This can imply you will feel lonely and overwhelmed at times. Make sure you have a great assistance network around you and ask for aid when you need it.

What to think about before you begin

Prior to you start developing your freelance makeup company it’s essential you understand that there are new makeup artists popping up on the scene all the time. It will give you the chance to connect with and find out from extremely effective, extremely certified and experienced professionals, and it will expand your skill set far beyond simply using makeup.

Having a larger set of skills under your belt allows you to adjust your company design as you require to. There are times when providing makeup services won’t suffice and being able to provide an alternate service can help you foot the bill. A broad skill set can likewise cause profitable opportunities in a series of sectors and industries, from medical spas and beauty parlors to resorts and the bridal and school official industries.

If you do not have great photography skills, think about hiring a photographer for the day and gathering your buddies for one long makeup session and picture shoot.

Consider their skill sets and experience when comparing, as a makeup artist who has actually been in the business for 15 years and has worked at Marie Claire can realistically charge more than someone who’s simply starting out.

As a freelance makeup artist, you can work almost anywhere. If you can link any discussion, company, networking occasion or live occasion with makeup artistry, make sure you end up being a part of it.

Prior to you start building your freelance makeup business it’s crucial you comprehend that there are brand-new makeup artists popping up on the scene all the time.