What are you doing to end up being successful in 2019? If you’re ready to put in the work, ending up being a freelancer might be the most financially rewarding New Year’s resolution you make– whether you’re attempting to score more cash in Q1 or set the foundation of a new business venture.

That’s why Lightpost, a brand-new part of the USA TODAY Network is here. Want more details on each?

1. Keeping it real: How to decide if freelancing is ideal for you (and where to start).

Are you prepared to hustle? According to career coach Michelle Ward, you much better be!

” This is the most crucial shift you require to make to launch and be a successful freelancer. – Michelle Ward, “When I Grow Up” Coach.

Some of the steps we’ll rapidly stroll you through include goal-setting, deciding if part-time or full-time freelancing makes good sense for you, and engaging the support of family and friends in this new venture. It’s good to know if you get stuck along with the method, specialized career coaches can help.

Go ahead – size up freelancing to see if the fit is best for you.

2. Cheat-sheet to freelance genius: Highlight your abilities and prosper in the best market.

You don’t need to be a freelancer in the exact very same field you work now. Start analyzing your hard skills (like know-how in particular software application) and your soft skills (like your ability to work well with others) to identify where you can stand out.

Need aid? Think about taking a career assessment test to help recognize awesome characteristics that could be become a freelance gig.

Then get innovative as you think of your next move. If you pay great attention to information, you might wish to explore freelance work as a business event or wedding coordinator, or an individual assistant. Skilled with numbers? Maybe a tax preparer or a mathematics tutor.

A suggestion: “Start keeping a Win and Compliments book to keep all the favorable feedback you get in concerns to your work, and the turning points you strike. This will not only allow you to ‘own’ your awesomeness, but it will assist with branding yourself so you can do the work you wish to make with the clients you wish to do it with.” – Michelle Ward.

Prepared to pin down the very best freelance field for you? We’re ready to help.

3. You’re more than simply a resume: How to refine your personal brand name then own it.

How do your abilities equate to the services you’ll offer? That’s the central question you want to respond to with your resume.

” Nowadays, people don’t have the time or attention period to take in content that isn’t relevant to them. (Resumes are, in fact, content.). Significance is the intersection of what individuals want to hear and what you want to say. It’s necessary to discover this balance in your resume for each task to which you’re using if you desire someone to really take a look at and consider it.” – Josh Hoffman, founder of Epic Freelancing.

Truly nailing your resume may need the assistance of a professional. You can start your look for a great resume writer with the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

” You understand it’s time to seek advice from a resume professional when your resume appears like every other resume out there.” – Josh Hoffman.

Start retooling that resume now with more “finest resume ever” tips.

4. You’ve got this, but you’ve gotta share it with the world. How to be seen online.

Need to end up being visible online today? Strike your social networks accounts. LinkedIn, check. Facebook, check. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest … you get the gist.

However what about Upwork? How about personal networking communities on Facebook? When it concerns social networks as a freelancer, there’s more than fulfills the eye. (But you’ve gotta make certain what satisfies the eye looks expert first.).

It’s likewise a should to support your social media presence with an incredible website. “Having your own site lends authenticity and trustworthiness to your organization, and it supplies you with an expert platform to detail your services and expertise.” – Sagan Morrow, small company coach, and blogger.

Let us stroll you through a checklist of what you must look like online as a freelancer.

5. Networking 411: How to reach out and use your network as a brand-new freelancer.

Networking! Could there be a bigger buzzword?
Guess what – triggering your social and expert networks pays off, and it’s a present that will keep on providing. Set the foundation for future success by discovering properly to inform buddies, household and associates about your new endeavor.

Be ready at every turn to share what you are up to with a concise “elevator pitch.”.
” An elevator pitch empowers you to have clarity around your message and the services you use. Make sure you phrase it naturally so it does not come off as stilted or uncomfortable in conversation.” – Sagan Morrow.

And be ready to work right now- -or earlier! You never know when a discussion may cause the line you are waiting for: “I have this job …”.

Let us help you gain star status in the networking world.

6. Money, money, money: How to choose the right rate to charge as a brand-new freelancer.

Decide from the get-go what you want to be spent on your work, and price yourself relatively.
In the long run, and even though you’ll lose some business, you don’t want to be the Dollar Store and you don’t desire customers who want you were. The finest customers (and projects) are the people who appreciate the value you supply and who are willing to pay for it.

Some things to think about when setting your rates include your area, market, demand, and exposure. Speak to other freelancers in your network about how they price themselves; freelancers are known for their willingness to share.

You might need to change prices as you go, however constantly approach this vital part of your business with self-confidence. Never forget that you only get to keep doing this is if you are making money!

” Don’t ask, tell. Freelancers are not 2nd class workers. We are a company owner, on equivalent footing with our customers. It’s up to you, therefore, after talking with a prospective customer, to scope the job and attach a charge.” – Michael Katz.

We have more tips on how to nail the money side of your freelance service.

7. Rating huge: Learn how to produce an amazing freelance proposition and agreement.

Freelance jobs do not simply fall under your lap (unless you are really fortunate – in which case skip to the next product on this checklist). When an opportunity emerges, you need to be able to pitch yourself as the best individual for the job. While fellow freelancers may be friendly, they likewise will take on you for the best work.

” All freelancers have their own secret sauce. Take a look at a client profile, evaluate the customer, and then bid properly based on your abilities and what you’re willing to work for.” – Rich Pearson, senior vice president of marketing at Upwork.

The very best way to comprehend how to approach a pitch? Talk with the customer. Be real in your interest in their requirements.

Be curious and explore what difficulties they’re having in their business, then figure out how you can assist them. No one likes being pitched, but everyone desires a much better life so when you concentrate on the latter and how you can help them, you develop relationships.” – Sagan Morrow.

An excellent proposal results in a good job. Learn more about writing a terrific proposal.

8. Setting yourself up for success with fundamental freelance guidelines, guidelines, and facilities (oh my!).

Customers have questions about how you work. Do you have responses?
Get arranged – now. Be clear on how you manage due dates, revisions, invoicing, and so on. Get all the details set out up front, aligning your expectations with those of your customer.

” During the idea generation stage, you need to develop the top three concerns for the job, and understand the distinction in between what needs to happen to make the project fantastic, versus what would be great however isn’t among the leading concerns.” – life coach Kate Swoboda, Your Courageous Life.

A huge part of mastering the freelance universe is managing your time to get work done without killing your personal life. Discipline = less stress and more time for yourself.

” Freelancing ups and downs, so there are moments when the schedule can get a little wonky – purposefully scheduling downtime helps to stabilize things out.” – John Waire, freelance photographer.

Company and time management – you can always be tweaking these 2 pillars of freelance success.

9. The skinny on freelance finances: How to get comfortable with earnings, taxes, and expenditures.

When you’re a freelancer, you will not be getting that stable paycheck every 2 weeks. Prepare yourself for some ups and downs in the capital, and plan accordingly.

Understand what it indicates to be self-employed, and the legal and monetary commitments that feature that reality. (Read between the lines: TAXES.) Turbo Tax is among the DIY tools offered to help small companies handle finances.

” There are 3 essential things that freelancers can do to be proactive and prevent difficulty at tax time: 1) Keep careful financial records; 2) Pay approximated taxes as mentioned above; and 3) Seek help from a tax professional if they have concerns about their private scenario.”- -Jonathan Medows, CPA for Freelancers.

Keeping your books is as essential as the freelance work you do. It may not be as much fun, however, it is every bit as crucial.

We can’t ensure financial genius status, however, we make this location of the freelance world a little less intimidating.

10. The genuine offer on goal-setting and moving on as a freelancer.

When do you up to the ante? Here are some things to do to determine when and how you can bring your freelancing to the next level, whether that implies taking on new customers, charging greater rates, or rotating your focus.

” I prescribe the 80/20 guideline for entrepreneurship– 20% of the work you do ought to amount to 80% of the loan you make. And 80% of the work you do ought to be fulfilling enough to press along the lucrative work.

” This is the most crucial shift you require to make to introduce and be an effective freelancer. When it comes to social media as a freelancer, there’s more than satisfies the eye. Freelancers are not second class employees. While fellow freelancers might be friendly, they also will contend with you for the finest work.

” All freelancers have their own trick sauce.