How To Become A Much Better Freelancer

by    Freelancer   Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Being an effective freelancer is a skillset in its own right. You do not just require a professional skill– writing, photography, graphic style, web development– but also a set of skills and qualities that are distinct to the freelance lifestyle. The particular characteristics required to succeed as a freelancer are sharpened over time, like any ability.

People aren’t born with the capacity to, say, a network for tasks or deal with minimal structure. There’s constantly room to enhance. Kalo spoke with two freelancers on our platform about how they have actually leveled up their freelance careers.

The Wanderer

Sofie Couwenbergh made her travel blog,, her “authorities” side gig in 2014 and after that transitioned to full-time a year later. She constantly enjoyed writing and she constantly loved travel and it was somewhat inevitable, perhaps, that she would at some point integrate the 2. She stated she’s a “saver” by nature and began to conserve cash even before she began blogging. Having that savings really assisted her to get started when she quit her job, and right now, the versatility of the freelance simply clicked.

” I like the flexibility freelancing offers me to work on what I want, when I want it and to be in charge of my own time,” Sofie says.

Like many freelancers, time management can be a challenge– for better or for even worse. Some individuals can discover it hard to stay inspired without any manager, while others, like Sofie, find themselves working more.

” The most difficult element for me was, and is still, keeping a balance in between working and relaxing,” she says. “I’m a little bit of a workaholic and can do too many hours in a day if I’m not careful.”

All that hard work has actually paid off. To supplement the blog site and better support herself, Sofie developed additional profits streams by travel planning and developing information itineraries for customers. Now, she gets brand-new customers and enjoys her income boost month by month, which is exciting.

” I wished I ‘d found my specific niche much sooner,” she states.

Beyond demand for her services, Sofie has grown her organization by being analytical. She tracks income and costs meticulously and utilizes that information to determine where her strengths lie. Whenever Sofie begins a new project, she examines comparable tasks she’s carried out in the past to determine what worked or didn’t work. Communities– both online and face to face– have also assisted her to grow as a freelancer. She states Facebook groups are a fantastic location for her to get in touch with other travel bloggers and imaginative business owners, as are going to conferences and trade fairs.

For freelancers who are just starting, Sofie states the secret is to stay arranged and calm.
” If you’re feeling overwhelmed, do not stress,” she states. Take a pen and paper and compose down every possible step you can believe of having to take in the job or jobs that you’re working on.

The Coordinator

Valeriia Soloveva is a Contract Market Coordinator who works for Airbnb Trips in Moscow. She started freelancing 4 months back and states it was the best choice of her life. When asked what the most exciting aspects of freelancing are, she gave three.

” One, I do not need to spend so much time to get to my workplace and to get back home,” she states. “Two, I can operate at night, due to the fact that I’m a night owl. And 3, have much more time for self-education and exercises, and most significantly, I can invest the entire day with my beautiful pet.”

To ability to choose when and where to work is what attracts many people to the freelance lifestyle. For Valeriia, it’s assisted her unlock her complete potential, and she does better work as an outcome.

” I’ve begun to learn myself much better,” she states. “The most surprising was the reality that I’ve become so calm and a lot more efficient that I’ve ever been.”

The solitude can be great for performance, but a challenge for others. As Sofie mentioned, becoming a better freelancer is everything about comprehending yourself, your own routines and habits, and how to structure your time most effectively.

Valeriia’s suggestions for people thinking about making the jump into freelance?
“Find out are you an individual who can stay with yourself for a day,” she states.

Interested in discovering how to excel at Freelancing? Have a look at our post on How To Achieve Work-Life Balance When Freelancing.

People aren’t born with the capability to, state, a network for jobs or work with minimal structure. Whenever Sofie starts a new job, she analyzes similar tasks she’s done in the past to identify what worked or didn’t work. Take a pen and paper and write down every possible step you can believe of having to take in the task or jobs that you’re working on. Valeriia Soloveva is a Contract Market Coordinator who works for Airbnb Trips in Moscow. “Two, I can work at night, due to the fact that I’m a night owl.

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